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Our Top Ten Adoption Posts, Raise Magazine

Our Top Ten Adoption Posts

Sharing our most popular posts in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month.
My Mixed Race Thanksgiving, Raise Magazine

My Mixed-Race Thanksgiving

I’m white. My husband is black. Most of the time, neither of us remembers that the other is a different race. Except at Thanksgiving. More than 10% of marriages in the U.S.…

How To Teach Your Kids About Adoption

We teach our children about race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender. Why not family structures that differ from their own? My friend Jennifer* has a daughter who was conceived using a donor egg.…
The Best Rub For Grilling & Barbecue, Raise Magazine

The Best Rub For Grilling & Barbecue

Plus, two homemade gift ideas for any occasion. Early in our marriage, my mother gifted Warren a box of our family’s favorite recipes. She hand wrote each card, many of which are…
Kamala Harris Is Changing The Narrative For Stepmothers, Raise Magazine

Kamala Harris Is Changing The Narrative For Stepmothers

With one word, she elevated the role of stepparents in this country. Thank you to and writer Kelly Burch for the shout out in Friday's piece, Stepmoms Say Kamala Harris's Embrace…
With Covid Cases On The Rise, Divorced Families Face More Challenges, Raise Magazine

With Covid Cases On The Rise, Divorced Families Face More Challenges

Marriage and family therapist Tara Fass on the difficulties blended families face, the importance of talking to your children about the pandemic, and how her new book, “When We Stayed Home,” can…
The Best Thanksgiving Recipes, Raise Magazine

The Best Thanksgiving Recipes

The dishes (and drinks!) we make year after year. This year, we're going rogue and serving steak for Thanksgiving dinner. It seems fitting for a year where nothing is normal. We're taking…
What The Election Means For My Biracial Children, Raise Magazine

What The Election Means For My Biracial Children

"Today, I feel some relief and have some hope. Today, I felt a little less pressure and a little less concerned that my children are not safe." This weekend, after the election…
My Daughter Rocks An Extra Chromosome, Raise Magazine

My Daughter Rocks An Extra Chromosome

“Do not be scared because a child looks different. They have strong feelings and truly just want to be loved and included.” Mama of two Ronda Helton is the owner of The…
White Bean and Chicken Chili

The Four Best Chili Recipes For Fall

Our three favorite recipes + one we can’t wait to try. Our family is obsessed with chili. It’s just now cooling down in L.A., and this weekend we’ll be making one of…