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Five Things I Wish I Would Have Done Differently When My Ex Started Dating Again, Raise Magazine

Five Things I Wish I Would Have Done Differently When My Ex Started Dating Again

I have been the crazy ex-wife and let me tell you, it's not a good look. No matter what my mama bear instincts were telling me or what I was concerned with,…
Our Favorite Face Masks For Kids, Raise Magazine

Our Favorite Face Masks For Kids

Shop Our Top 10 Brands For Kids. Our boys have been rocking their favorite Rafi Nova face masks for months but we hesitated to invest in multiples, hoping the need for masks…
What Do You Call Your Child's Birth Mom, Raise Magazine

What Do You Call Your Child’s Birth Mom?

From Belly Mommy to Auntie, adoptees and adoptive moms share the names their families use. When Levon was a baby, we referred to his birth mom as Mama {First Name}. We used…
Lemon Balm Martini Recipe, Raise Magazine

Lemon Balm Martini

Gin, vermouth, simple syrup, lemon balm. In college, while everyone else was drinking beer, I was sneaking into our neighborhood Italian restaurant to sip green apple martinis. (Sorry, Mother.) These days, I…
Underwater Love Mini Crib Sheet

The Best Mini Crib Bedding Designs

From neutrals to florals to perfect Insta backdrops, our list has you covered. I’m an advocate of mini cribs versus standard size for several reasons, but up until recently, there were very…
What To Expect When You're Expecting Toddles, Raise Magazine

What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Toddler

Stepmom Caitlin McKitterick shares her advice for soon-to-be stepparents of little ones. So, you’re expecting a toddler? Congratulations! This most likely means you’ve committed to spending your life with a partner who…
The Best Macaroni Salad Recipe, Raise Magazine

The Best Macaroni Salad

My grandmother’s famous recipe. The key to this perfect summer side dish is the combination of mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. Even if you hate Miracle Whip like I do, I promise you’ll…
Our Favorite Black-Owned Kids' Brands & Boutiques, Raise Magazine

Our Favorite Black-Owned Kids’ Brands & Boutiques

Put your money where your mouth is. Eighteen of our favorite black-owned kids brands & boutiques for back-to-school shopping.
Single Mom Stories: Lily Bekmezian, Raise Magazine

Single Mom Stories: Lily Bekmezian

My main objective is to raise independent little women. Lily Bekmezian is a single mama of two and owner of House of Sofella, an online children’s boutique of European brands curated by…
Happy Father {Figures} Day, Raise Magazine

Happy Father {Figures} Day

I have never believed in the idea that “it takes a man to raise a man.” What it really takes to raise a child is a loving adult, who is a safe…