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A Letter From Our Founder

A Letter From Our Founder

A Letter From Our Founder, Raise Magazine

From the beginning, my goal with Raise was to create a lifestyle site for mothers who are underrepresented in mainstream media. While I’ve succeeded in creating a resource for stepfamilies, adoptive and foster families, and single mothers, I’ve failed to include the unique and underrepresented experience of black motherhood. That changes today.

Moving forward, Raise will be extending its mission to elevate black voices and explore the stories of black motherhood.  Our weekly round-ups will include links to black-owned business, along with books, toys and media for kids that promote inclusivity and anti-racism.

In addition, we’ll be creating a permanent space on our site to share resources on how to raise actively anti-racist children, which we will continually update in the months and years to come. As a white woman, it is my responsibility – not the black community’s – to educate myself and other white mothers on how to raise our children to be allies, and it is a conversation I will never shy away from.

If you have a resource, product, or story you’d like us to share, I encourage you to email us or leave us a comment and we will feature your link on our site.


Black Lives Matter.

Black Mothers Matter.

Black Fathers Matter.

Black Babies Matter.

Black Families Matter.


I stand with you now and always.


Jessica Butler Bell


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