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Download This Podcast By Three Nashville Moms With Non-traditional Families

Download This Podcast By Three Nashville Moms With Non-traditional Families

Download This Podcast By Three Nashville Moms With Non-traditional Families

8 kids. 3 moms. 1 hilarious podcast.

Hi My Name Is Mom, hosted by Jen Mayer Kulp, Corri English, & Kaela Kinney, is a podcast for parents, covering everything from infertility and birth plans, potty training and screen time struggles, and more. With eight kids between them, these three Nashville-based moms have a wealth of both experience and confessions to share. If you’re looking for something to listen to as you work off that holiday wine at the gym, I highly recoomend it. But let’s be honest, it’s going to take more than one podcast for me to achieve my pre-pandemic weight.

HMNIM recently invited me on the show to chat about my experience as a young stepmom and journey as adoptive parent, along with my biggest mom fail. (You’ll have to listen to hear about it!) After the podcast wrapped, Jen and Corri stuck around to chat about their own non-traditional families and why representation of modern family structure is so important. Thanks for having me, ladies!

Jen Mayer Kulp

Mom to four and veteran reality TV executive Jen Mayer Kulp is an aunt to her sister’s stepson.

My sister became a bonus mom to my nephew when he was one, and he’s been a part of our family for the last two decades. Twenty years ago, it wasn’t the norm for families to co-parent the way that my sister, her husband, and his ex-wife did, but Max is all the better for it. He was raised in the exact same loving environment that all of his other cousins were, and my parents consider him their grandson. It’s been really special to watch that relationship grow and change over the years.

He’s in college now and certainly old enough to make his own decisions about where he spends holidays and who he spends his time with. It’s very fulfilling and comforting to know that he chooses to spend time with us. I think it makes all of us feel like we’ve done something right.

Corri English

Mom of three Corri English is an actor & singer/songwriter whose parents divorced after 34 years, when Corri was in her early 30s.

We were sort of blindsided by it, but not in a way that shook our foundation because my sister and I were grownups – fully formed humans. We were spared the logistics like going back and forth between two households. Our concern was more, are our parents going to be happy? What’s the new dynamic? My mom had primarily been a stay-at-home mom, and she was embarking on a new career path. But once we got to the other side of the changes, there were some really cool things that came out of it.

My mom started dating women. It was unexpected, but ultimately, I believe everyone is a happier version of themselves now. When my mom was making this major shift, my dad just said to her, “I love you. I’m here for you. You’ve raised my kids.” She’s been with her partner, who is absolutely lovely, for years now. She and my dad team up on my mom to tease her. I love that my kids get to see this all these different versions of what love can look like right here within our family.

The other beautiful thing that has come out of all of this is how involved my dad has become in the details of our lives. He was always a hands-on dad, but he let my mom handle the minutia of our day to day. The level of connection that he has with my sister and I post-split is so much different, in a great way. He knows everything that’s going on. He’s so present in our lives and the lives of our kids. He knows the little details in a way he never did before.

To listen to HMNIM, visit their website at or find them on Apple or Spotify.

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