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Our Search For The Best Ever Potato Vodka

Our Search For The Best Ever Potato Vodka

ur Search For The Best Ever Potato Vodka

Find out our top three favorites.

Vodka tonic (with olives) has been my go-to cocktail since college but six months ago, I developed an allergy to wheat, corn and rye. I’ve had food allergies my whole life, but they’ve changed over the years, and I recently began suffering from migraines just hours after drinking vodka or gin. It took me several rounds to realize it was the grain in the liquors causing my headaches. Once I switched to grain-free vodka, my headaches disappeared.

Less than 5% of vodka is made from potatoes but within that small percentage, there are some amazing options. This is by no mean an exhaustive list, as I will continue to experiment, but these are my three favorite I’ve found so far.

What are you favorite grain-free vodkas? Share your recommendations below.
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