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Our Favorite Diapers For Preemies

What brand of diaper did your preemie wear? Levon was born weighing 2 pounds, 7 ounces, and came home from the hospital weighing less than 4 pounds. In the NICU, he wore…
Moon and Back Preemie Clothing

Before Chrissy Teigen, There Was Me

Over the summer, Teigen tweeted her struggle to find clothes to fit her newborn preemie son, Miles. "Nothing fits my teenie premie. Not enough stuff out there! I gotta learn to sew.…
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Snapshots of Infertility: When Your Closet Becomes A Trigger

My wardrobe is divided into two categories: Things that remind me of my miscarriages and infertility struggles and things that don't. Seventy percent of my closet makes me feel sick to my…
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Vodka Lemonade

Vodka, Simply Lemonade, club soda, garnished with rosemary. When you live in the desert, summer cocktails never go out of season. This simple vodka and lemonade cocktail is perfect for impromptu dinner…
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The One Thing You Should Never Say In Your Adoption Profile

During our adoption process, our case worker shared this important piece of advice about writing profiles: If you write about your pets, be sure you refer to them as "rescued," not "adopted."…
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What Is Your Custody Schedule?

When Warren and I were first married, our custody schedule was very irregular – three days here, four days there. Neither Warren nor the boys’ mother wanted to be away from the…
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Screw Pumpkin Spice, It’s Bourbon Season

You didn’t think I was only going to write about parenting, did you? Then again, one cannot parent without alcohol, so technically, I’m still on theme. Back when Goop was just a…
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The Stepmommy Wars

It’s not a parenting philosophy that ignites the war against us. It’s our mere existence. I consider my stepsons to be my children. They were 8 and 12 when I started dating…
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Snapshots Of Infertility

Our new series, written by contributor Mom-In Waiting, gives voice to the hidden, daily struggles of women facing infertility. Fuck you, Ed Sheeran. In your song Perfect, you sing, Well I found…
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How Designer Rebecca Minkoff Saved My Preemie’s Life

At ten months old, my son stopped growing. By age two, he had fallen off the growth chart completely and was diagnosed with failure to thrive – stunted growth resulting from inadequate…