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Faux Aloe In Terracotta Pot

The Best Faux Houseplants

I've always hated artificial plants, but when we bought our second home, it was faux or nothing. We're not there often enough to keep real houseplants alive between visits. Not to mention,…
"Eye Love You" Class Valentines

“Eye Love You” Valentines

DIY Valentines for the eyeball obsessed. My son is obsessed with eyeballs. There’s no clever way to write that sentence. Every day, he asks, “How do you spell eyeball?” “Can I touch…
Zamurovic Photography/shutterstock

An Open Apology

I'm sorry for expecting you to understand what it was like to not be expecting. To those of you who had a front row seat to the last three years of my…
Mega Pixel/shutterstock

What Do Your Stepchildren Call You?

Gijo. Katoots. Muffin. We recently asked several step families about the names and titles their families use, and their answers were fascinating. The word “step” was forbidden in my home. I was…
In Conversation with Anna Faris, Raise Magazine

In Conversation With Anna Faris

Anna Faris and Raise founder Jessica Butler talk preemies, co-parenting, and of course, mom guilt. Anna is an actress and author, creator and host of the podcast “Anna Faris is Unqualified,” and…
Microfashion, Raise Magazine

The Best Sweatpants For Boys With A Tiny Waist, Long Legs, And No Butt

Levon is 4 years old, barely a size 2T around the waist, a solid 3T in length, and his butt is F          L          A          T. A…
Killer eggs. patronestaff/

Surviving Holidays In A Blended Family

The keys to thriving, not just surviving, during holiday celebrations with your modern family. My parents divorced when I was twelve. I grew up and married a man whose parents were remarried…
Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies

The. Best. Cookies. Ever.

Half banana bread, half chocolate chip cookie, complete perfection. Martha Stewart's Cookies has been a favorite of mine for years. Her Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip recipe has been our family's go-to…
Blythe's Bluberry Muffins

Our Favorite Easter Brunch Recipes

Quiche and Cocktails and Carbs, Oh My! Easter Brunch is one of my favorite holidays to host at the lake. We've tried and loved each of the recipes below and will be…

Fanny Packs Are The New Easter Baskets

Any kid will tell you that the best part about having a blended family is getting twice as many presents at Christmas. I have no issue with my children receiving a mountain…


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