The Worst Questions You Can Ask A NICU Mom, Raise Magazine

The Worst Question You Can Ask NICU Parents

September is NICU Awareness Month. Raise founder and NICU mom Jessica Butler shares her advice…
In Conversation with Anna Faris, Raise Magazine

In Conversation With Anna Faris

Anna Faris and Raise founder Jessica Butler talk preemies, co-parenting, and of course, mom guilt.…
Pumpkin Muffin Recipe, Raise Magazine

How Designer Rebecca Minkoff Saved My Preemie’s Life

At ten months old, my son stopped growing. By age two, he had fallen off…
Moon and Back Preemie Clothing
Before Chrissy Teigen, There Was Me
Over the summer, Teigen tweeted her struggle to find clothes to fit her newborn preemie…
Andrej Antic/shutterstock
Our Favorite Diapers For Preemies
What brand of diaper did your preemie wear? Levon was born weighing 2 pounds, 7…
Yana Vasileva/
Our Favorite Bottles For Preemies
What brand of bottle did your preemie use? Levon was born at 30 weeks, before…
The Best Products For Preemies With Sensitive Skin, Raise Magazine.
Our Favorite Products For Preemies With Sensitive Skin
Levon has ultra-sensitive skin, prone to rashes and eczema. Below are the products we rely…
Jessica Tyler, Raise Magazine
Life After The NICU
When we received the news we were being discharged, instead of joy, I felt anxiety…


The Most Frequently Asked (And Frequently Inappropriate) Questions About My Son’s Adoption, Raise Magazine
The Most Frequently Asked (And Frequently Inappropriate) Questions About My Son’s Adoption
My son’s adoption is not a secret -- you’re reading a blog about it --…
The Adoptive Mom's Hospital Go Bag, Raise Magazine
The Adoptive Mom’s Hospital Go Bag
All the things I wish I packed when Levon was born. {shop: book/camera/lotion/boots/sweater} CAMERA In…
The First Thing You Should Do After Your Homestudy Is Approved, Raise Magazine
The First Thing You Should Do After Your Home Study Is Approved
Learn from my mistake, I beg you. Many adoption professionals advise families to refrain from…
Flamingo Images/Shutterstock
7 Natural Haircare Tips for Foster & Adoptive Parents
The best practices and products for caring for natural hair. DETANGLING Methods of detangling hair…
Greetings from Poland, Ohio, Raise Magazine
Greetings from Poland, Ohio
Writer Robin Bakay's raw portrait of disrupted adoption. We met in the adoption lawyer’s office…
What Do You Call Your Child's Birth Parent? Raise Magazine
What Do You Call Your Child’s Birth Parent?
Levon has recently started to notice pregnant women. He knows they have babies inside their…
Arrow + Root for Raise Magazine
Tips On Creating An Adoption Profile Book
Adoption profile designer Mallory Fogas, owner of Arrow + Root, shares her tips on creating…
Petr Vaclavek/
When Friends Or Family Are Displaced: How To Help
Adopting a child from a different state often requires at least one parent to remain…
Baby in your heart. Moopsi/Shutterstock
Meeting My Brother’s Birth Mom
Mom was crying before we even got out of the car. She told me she…
Jessica Butler, Raise Magazine.
The One Thing You Should Never Say In Your Adoption Profile
During our adoption process, our case worker shared this important piece of advice about writing…




No-Make Up Make Up Foundation, Raise Magazine

The Best Foundation For A No-Makeup Makeup Look

Plus, the eyelash curler Sarah Uslan can't live without. I am NOT a morning person, so when Levon starts school this fall, my makeup routine will be reduced to the bare minimum.…
My Best Advice For New Stepmoms, Raise Magazine.

My Best Advice For New Stepmoms

As a new stepparent, much, if not all, of your life now revolves around the custody calendar.  So it may surprise you that my advice to newly blended families is to ignore…
Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine

Travel Guide: New York City

On our recent vacation to England, we stopped in New York City both on the way to London and on the way back to Los Angeles. Not only did the detour help…
Raise The Conversation, July 12, 2019.

Raise The Conversation

Our favorite links from this week featuring stories of stepparenting, adoption, foster care, surrogacy, and non-traditional families. Should White People Adopt Black Kids? What it's really like after you bring your baby…
What Do You Call Your Child's Birth Parent? Raise Magazine

What Do You Call Your Child’s Birth Parent?

Levon has recently started to notice pregnant women. He knows they have babies inside their bellies and has even asked me, “Did I grow inside your belly?” “No. You grew inside of…
Travel Guide: London & The Cotswolds, Raise Magazine

Travel Guide: London & The Cotswolds

Last Christmas, our friends moved back to England after two years in the states. They were barely out of the country when we started planning our trip to visit them in the…
Our Favorite Children's Author, Raise Magazine

Our Favorite Children’s Book Author

Before our neighbors moved back to England, they gifted Levon the most thoughtful farewell present -- three of their favorite books by English author Julia Donaldson. Donaldson's books became an instant favorite…
Pomegranate Mojito, Raise Magazine

Pomegranate Mojito

Inspired by the pomegranate mojito at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui. The key is to infuse the juice + rum mixture overnight. When Levon was six months old, we spent five…
Building Holiday Traditions As A Blended Family, Raise Magazine

Building Holiday Traditions As A Blended Family

As a step parent, you spend so much time participating in already established traditions that it’s tempting to want to drag your spouse and stepchildren into YOUR traditions, but that’s rarely a…
12 Minimalist High Chairs For Design Loving Parents

10 Minimalist High Chairs For Design-Loving Parents

When we adopted our son, I swore I wouldn't fill my house with colorful, plastic baby gear, and I meant it. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against plastic. Any parent…


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