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Fanny Packs Are The New Easter Baskets

Fanny Packs Are The New Easter Baskets

Any kid will tell you that the best part about having a blended family is getting twice as many presents at Christmas. I have no issue with my children receiving a mountain of gifts for holidays and birthdays, but Easter poses a unique challenge. How many baskets of candy does one child need? Levon has three sets of grandparents and countless honorary aunts and uncles, which resulted in a whopping FIVE Easter baskets last year. We had more candy after Easter than we do after trick or treating. It’s not that I mind Levon having candy, but even he can only eat so much. His grandparents do a wonderful job including non-candy items in his basket too,  like books, toys, and superhero t-shirts, but as he gets older, it will become harder. I know because I lived through a decade of Easters with his older brothers. What do you get a pre-teen or teenager now that CDs and DVDs are defunct? And in a blended family, how to do you avoid inducing a sugar rush before brunch?

This year, I’m focusing on the actual basket. It’s always annoyed me that Easter baskets are so useless. Why not turn something your child will use and love into a basket of sorts? Below are my favorite Easter basket alternatives for kids of every age.

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