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Seven School Lunch Ideas For Kids Who Won’t Eat Sandwiches

Seven School Lunch Ideas For Kids Who Won’t Eat Sandwiches

Seven School Lunch Ideas For Kids Who Won't Eat Sandwiches

Think Thermos!

Feeding Levon has been a challenge since the beginning, especially when it comes to school lunch. He insists on packing familiar food from home, but refuses to eat cold sandwiches or wraps. Or lunch meat of any kind. Or raw fruits or veggies. For those of you struggling to feed your picky eaters on the go, I highly recommend investing in a Thermos. Levon takes one every. single. day. of the school year. Below is his rotation of lunches, served with canned green beans or carrots, yogurt, and golden Oreos for my little creature of habit.

Mac and Cheese

We make homemade mac and cheese using elbow noodles, pasta water, butter, and American cheese. It’s his #1 favorite, and reheats easily in the microwave.

Beans and Rice

The easiest lunch to prep by far is rice and refried pinto beans from our local Mexican restaurant (link). I pack them in separate Thermoses, per his request.

Pasta and Marinara Sauce

We make the spaghetti in advance and reheat it in the morning.


I’m shocked at how well ravioli does in a Thermos. We cook them them morning of, since they boil in just four minutes, and they stay hot well past his lunch time.

BBQ Chicken

Levon loves shredded rotisserie chicken with barbeque sauce, room temperature or warm.

Orange Chicken and Rice

Orange chicken is the single most popular hot lunch option at his elementary school. This homemade version is perfect for a Thermos, or you can grab the frozen variety from Trader Joe’s or any grocery store.

Sausages & Meatballs

Whether frozen or fresh, meatballs are such an easy option, as are chicken sausages, and there are so many varieties to choose from. Just heat, chop, and pack in a Thermos for the perfect lunch.

What do you pack your little ones for school lunch? Share in the comments.

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