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The Most Fun Thing We’ve Done In Quarantine

The Most Fun Thing We’ve Done In Quarantine

The Most Fun Thing We've Done In Quarantine, RAISE

Earlier this month, Los Angeles extended its stay-at-home orders and we all collectively hit the wall. I couldn’t face another game of Candyland, even with the help of my tribe, gin & tonic. In a desperate move, I dug out Levon’s plastic bowling set, plugged in his party light, and turned our hallway into a cosmic bowling lane.

Mommy, can you bowl with me?

After a 29 hour day, I’d had just enough gin to go all in. We dimmed the lights, cranked the classic rock, and the whole family bowled a full 10 frames. It quickly became a legitimate competition between the four adults and turned out to be as much fun for us as it was for Levon. I highly recommend it for both kids and the 21-and-over set. Shop the essentials below.

What are you doing to stay entertained during quarantine? Leave us a comment!
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