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Raise The Conversation

Raise The Conversation, Raise Magazine.

Our favorite links from this week featuring stories of stepparenting, adoption, foster care, surrogacy, and non-traditional families.

Actress Poppy Montgomery on co-parenting in her blended family: “My parents divorced when I was young but stayed best friends. I think that’s probably why I did it. It was just sort of something I understood.”

What it means to be a mother.

In Defense Of Mrs. Mackenzie: An Adoptive Mother’s “Complicated Feelings About The Handmaid’s Tale.”

How to include your child’s adoption story in everyday conversations.

Kira McSherry, an adoptee and adoptive mother, shares her thoughts on closed adoption: “I find it mildly stressful when I hear people say open adoption is the only way to do adoption well. I dislike the pressure I feel that my daughter doesn’t have an open adoption and neither did I. The word ‘open’ is very ambiguous with no two situations being the same, along with ever-changing dynamics. Open adoption is on such a large spectrum. From only knowing who birth mom is, to in-person visitation, and everything in between. But it’s hard to talk about the open adoptions that aren’t really open, or the closed adoptions that we wish were different.I would really like to see the community be more accepting of what works for all the families involved.”

What’s really dividing women in the debate to legalize surrogacy?

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