The Best Recipe For Thanksgiving Leftovers, Raise Magazine
The Best Recipe For Thanksgiving Leftovers
Finish off your leftovers with this simple Thanksgiving sandwich. When I visited Dublin as an…
My Mixed Race Thanksgiving, Raise Magazine
My Mixed-Race Thanksgiving
I’m white. My husband is black. Most of the time, neither of us remembers that…
The Best Thanksgiving Recipes, Raise Magazine
The Best Thanksgiving Recipes
The dishes (and drinks!) we make year after year. This year, we're going rogue and…
Thanksgiving Food Fight, Raise Magazine
Thanksgiving Food Fight

More than 10% of marriages in the U.S. are interracial. That means approximately 12.2 million…

Winter Tonic, Raise Magazine
Winter Tonic
The perfect cocktail for Thanksgiving morning. Because if I'm cooking, I'm drinking, even if it's…
Building Holiday Traditions As A Blended Family, Raise Magazine
Building Holiday Traditions As A Blended Family
As a step parent, you spend so much time participating in already established traditions that…