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8 Mini Cribs For Small Spaces

8 Mini Cribs For Small Spaces

8 Mini Cribs For Small Spaces, Raise Magazine

My favorite mini cribs currently on the market, including the one we used for Levon! Plus, why I prefer minis to standard-sized cribs.

My approach to design is as non-traditional as my family. I’m nothing if not on brand. When Levon was a baby, he didn’t have a proper crib or changing table or even a nursery. He slept in our room for the first 2 ½ years of his life, first in a bassinet, then a mini crib, and eventually a toddler bed. Convertible mini cribs were not yet on the market, so when he started to climb out of his crib, we transitioned him to a toddler bed. We didn’t have room for a twin sized mattress in our modest bedroom. I encourage expecting parents to consider mini cribs vs. full-sized for several reasons:

  • Converted cribs are hideous. If my child is ready to sleep in a converted crib, I’m ready to buy him a more attractive bed.
  • Speaking of which, cribs are expensive, despite the fact that they’re temporary. I prefer spending as little money as possible on a baby jail cell so I can invest in a proper bed when the time comes.
  • A mini crib functions as an all-in-one bassinet and crib, eliminating the need for a separate bassinet. You can simply keep the mini crib in your room until you’re ready to move it into to the nursery.
  • Mini cribs are amazing for foster parents because they’re easy to store. Some fold small enough to fit into a closet, making them easy to set up for last minute placements.

Levon moved into his own room after his older brother went off to college, and he transitioned into a big boy bed seamlessly with the help of a toddler rail. This one is great and folds down when you’re not using it.

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