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The Most Popular Nursery Trend Right Now: Star Themes

The Most Popular Nursery Trend Right Now: Star Themes

The Most Popular Nursery Trend Right Now: Star Themes

18 statement pieces for a celestial nursery.

One of my all-time favorite nurseries is the one Jenna Lyons designed for her son Beckett. The bold black wall and graphic ceiling completely changed the way I think about nursery design. Statement walls (and ceilings) and vibrant color palettes are absolutely appropriate for baby spaces! And according to search reports, the most popular nursery trend for 2022 is star and celestial themes. Pastel star décor is widely available, but I’ve taken a more bold approach for our latest round-up.

Jenna Lyons Nursery

When designing a kid’s room, my goal is always to create a space that can grow with the child. My advice: Instead of baby themes, think about how you would decorate the room if your child were 10, and then work backwards. The only elements of a nursery that need to be baby-themed are the bed and changing pad. Every other piece of furniture and décor should outlive your­­ child’s toddler years. There’s absolutely no reason a book shelf or dresser needs to come from the baby department, which is a good thing, considering current shipping delays due to Covid.

I’m a huge fan of bold wallpaper, large art prints, and statement lighting for kid’s rooms. Plus big baskets to hide all the toys you will amass, no matter how hard you try not to. Personally, I try to avoid having every element of a room be on theme. Avoid featuring stars on your walls, crib sheets, curtains, bedding AND rug. Instead, feature them in one or two elements, then choose complementary colors and patterns for the rest.

Below are 15 statement pieces I’ve collected to inspire a dramatic star-themed nursery design.

{Note: Most of the Spoonflower wallpapers featured below are also available in fabric.}

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