Co-Parenting & The Clothing Wars, Raise Magazine
Co-Parenting & The Clothing Wars
How we avoided battles over clothing during the 12 years we shared custody. I’m always…
Advice On Meeting Your Boyfriend's Kids
Advice On Meeting Your Boyfriend’s Kids
The best advice I received on how to build a relationship with my future stepsons.…
My Blended Family: Co-Parenting With My Ex-Husband's Ex-Wife, Raise Magazine
My Blended Family: Co-Parenting With My Ex-Husband’s Ex-Wife
Mother of three Halley Dean talks real-life Parent Trap, evil stepmothers, and co-parenting with her…
Stepmoms: The Invisible Heroes of Back-To-School, Raise Magazine
Stepmoms: The Invisible Heroes of Back-To-School

To the stepmom who fills out the school forms that don’t list a blank for…

nterview With Beth Hall, Raise Magazine
In Conversation with Beth Hall
Actress Beth Hall [Mom, Mad Men] shares the story of adopting her daughter through foster…
Parallel Parenting Versus Co-Parenting, Raise Magazine
Parallel Parenting Versus Co-Parenting
Sometimes co-parenting just doesn’t work. For families like ours, parallel parenting is the answer. My…
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From The Archives: What Do Your Stepchildren Call You?
We’ll be taking this week to plan for our children’s upcoming virtual school year. We’ll…
What To Expect When You're Expecting Toddles, Raise Magazine
What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Toddler
Stepmom Caitlin McKitterick shares her advice for soon-to-be stepparents of little ones. So, you’re expecting…
Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020, Raise Magazine
Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020
Our favorite gifts for dads, stepdads, and all the father figures in your life.
How I Overcame Stepmom Imposter Syndrome, Raise Magazine
How I Overcame Stepmom Impostor Syndrome
Stepmom Caitlin McKitterick shares the three things she’s done to conquer her feelings of self-doubt…