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Everything You Need To Bring Home Your Baby From The Hospital

Everything You Need To Bring Home Your Baby From The Hospital

Everything You Need To Bring Home Your Baby From The Hospital, Raise Magazine

It’s not nearly as much as you think.

Many adoption agencies discourage hopeful parents from buying any newborn gear prior to the baby’s birth. It can be extraordinarily painful to walk past an empty nursery day after day as you wait to be matched. I also discourage waiting parents from prepping, but for very different reasons. 1. Baby gear is constantly changing and no matter what you buy now, you’ll want the new version by the time your baby is born. And 2. If your baby happens to pop out prematurely, there will be specific things you need to buy and others that you won’t be able to use. (Did you know that preemies can’t be rocked? Good luck returning that custom glider and ottoman, Mama.)

On the flip side, non-adoptive moms are encouraged to buy hundreds of things that they absolutely do not need. That high chair is just going to collect dust for months before your kid is big enough to sit in it, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find one that you like better by the time they’re ready for it.

I am proof that you need next to nothing to bring a baby home from the hospital. Below is a list of the essentials, all of which can be purchased on one trip to the store. Feel free to splurge on a crib if you must, but I promise you’ll have plenty of time to shop for one while your baby sleeps next to your bed those first few weeks (or months). If you’re a hopeful adoptive parent, send this list to your families and friends so they’re ready to shop when you get the call! And if you’re a biological mom short on storage space, don’t feel compelled to over prep. This list will get you started.

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