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Travel Guide: New York City

Travel Guide: New York City

Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine

On our recent vacation to England, we stopped in New York City both on the way to London and on the way back to Los Angeles. Not only did the detour help us avoid jet lag, but our oldest son lives there, and it was the first time in years our family of five was all together.

Before Levon was born, our trips to New York revolved solely around food. Now that we have a four-year-old, we make an effort to plan daytime, child friendly activities as well, but we still do our best to visit all of our favorite eats in the city.


Obviously there are thousands of restaurants to choose from, but below are our current favorites (and yes, we took Levon to all of these):


A modern take on the Italian-American steakhouse tradition.

The corn crème brûlée is life changing.


Japanese-Peruvian from Nobu Matsuhisa.

Order a bowl of white rice for your picky kid and rock shrimp tempura and the soft shell crab roll for yourself.


An Italian market featuring an array of cafes, counters, restaurants, and a cooking school.

The il gr andissimo piatto misto (cheese and charcutteri) from La Piazza is worth the trip .

Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine

From Chef James Kent and restaurateur Jeff Katz. Rooted in European technique and drawing inspiration from around the world, including the diverse cuisine in New York City.

This gem has the best cocktail menu in the city.


Authentic, New York City Pizza.

The. Best. Pizza. Order it plain.


We stayed at the AKA Central Park, which was recommended to us by our travel agent. Levon can be a picky eater, so we wanted a room with a kitchen to allow us to cook for him, if need be.  The AKA was all that and more. Our one bedroom suite was almost as large as our house in Los Angeles. The kitchen was fully stocked with dishes, cookware, and a full-sized fridge, the living area was large enough for us to comfortably host guests (and more importantly, store a stroller), and it had TWO massive closets.  Not to mention, it cost us a fraction of what we usually spend to stay in the city. And it’s just steps from the Plaza Hotel, home to Levon’s favorite donuts. We highly recommend the AKA if you’re looking for kitchen access, or simply for a larger-than-normal New York hotel room.



This was our first visit to the charming Central Park Zoo, which is the perfect size for a morning or afternoon excursion. Our favorite animal sightings were the red pandas, grizzly bears, and sea lions in the courtyard. If you have little ones, be sure not to miss the Tisch Children’s Zoo, offering shaded play areas, interactive sculptures, and adorable goats and sheep that you can feed out of your hand.

Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine

Levon’s very favorite thing to do in the city was climb on the rocks in Central Park. He played on them almost every day, and it was FREE. There’s also a lovely carousel in the park, but we skipped because Levon is “not a fan” of carousels (his words, not mine). The original Central Park carousel opened in 1891 and was powered by a mule and horse who walked in a hidden compartment underground below the attraction. The animals were trained to start and stop with a foot tap from the ride’s operator above ground. You can learn more about the carousel’s fascinating history here.

Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine
Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine
Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine

If your child is obsessed with skyscrapers (or windbreakers, as Levon calls them) they’ll love a trip to the top of the Empire State Building. And if you despise lines like Levon’s parents do, the observation deck offers a VIP Express Pass.

Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine
Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine

Housed in a decommissioned subway station, the Transit Museum features vintage subway cars to explore, a bus that little ones can “drive,” and a fascinating exhibit about the construction of the city’s subway system. A huge thank you to Household Mag for the recommendation!

Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine
Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine
Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine
Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine

On our last day in the city, we visited the 9/11 Memorial, followed by Battery Park, where we waved at the Statue of Liberty and played in the fountain. We skipped the ferry, as Mommy doesn’t do well on the water without loads of Dramamine.

We hadn’t planned on visiting the Memorial, so as we approached, we had just a few minutes to come up with an age appropriate explanation for Levon. Since we were getting on a plane the next day, I chose to leave the plane crash out of the narrative and simply say, “There used to be two buildings here. But there was a very bad fire and the buildings fell down and a lot of people died. New York built this fountain to remember all of the people who died here.

“Did bad guys start the fire?”


I have no idea what made him ask that, but he did, and I answered truthfully. He understands the tragedy of fire based on his own experience, and he understands good guys versus bad, so we did our best to provide him with an explanation he could make sense of, and he accepted it very matter-of-factly. As he gets older, we will fill in the details with age-appropriate explanations.

Have you visited the site with your little ones? How did you explain it to them? We would love for you to share.

Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine
Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine
Travel Guide: New York City, Raise Magazine

We look forward to visiting NYC again soon and would love your recommendations. Leave us a comment below!

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