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The Best Concealer for Tired Moms

The Best Concealer for Tired Moms

Because none of us are getting that nap we asked for on Mother’s Day.

My face is aging well, if I do say so myself. I attribute my still youthful looks to genetics (thanks, Mom), sunscreen, and just the right amount of Botox and Juvéderm. But there’s one thing even going under the knife can’t fix – dark under eye circles. I’ve suffered from bruised-looking circles and puffy eyes since I was a child, due almost entirely to allergies. Prior to my THIRD sinus surgery, I asked my ENT, who is also a plastic surgeon, if he could do anything to fix my eyes. He said there were a few options that could reduce the puffiness, but nothing that could correct the dark circles except “good makeup.” Per usual, I called my friend Sarah Uslan, a celebrity makeup artist, for advice. “Cle De Peau Concealer! It has the best coverage and texture. I love it. And now it includes sunscreen!” You may be exhausted as a Mother… but you don’t have to look like it.

On days when my circles are a normal level of dark, I layer Bobbi Brown Corrector under Laura Mercier Secret Concealer and it works like a charm.

Do you have a favorite concealer that works like magic? Share with us below!
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