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Shop Levon’s Jack White Halloween Costume

Shop Levon’s Jack White Halloween Costume

Jack White Halloween Costume, Raise Magazine

While the rest of the Instagram has moved on to matching Christmas pajamas, at least 56,000 of you are still interested in this young man’s Halloween costume. This post is for you.

I initially worried that we’d never be able to top last year’s Ghost Bat Vampire Dragon costume but once again, Levon’s imagination won the holiday. When he announced that he wanted to dress as Jack White, I had no idea where to start, other than a wig. I went for an all red ensemble from The White Stripes era, hoping just one person would recognize who he was pretending to be. As soon as he stepped outside, the Fed Ex driver give him two thumbs up and I knew we were in good shape.

Jack White Halloween Costume, Raise Magazine

Other than the wig, his costume was extraordinarily cheap. A t-shirt and shoes from Target, cords and a belt from Janie and Jack, which will double as part of his holiday outfit, a cheap costume hat from Michael’s (similar linked below), hand-me-down sunglasses from his big brother, and my everyday eye shadow pallet. I splurged on the candy bag knowing it could serve as an extra lunchbox. (Does anyone else require a rotation of lunch boxes/bags? Between yogurt and barbecue chicken, I put Levon’s in the washing machine on a weekly basis.)

You can shop Levon’s Jack White look below. Next up, Christmas jammies for boys with a tiny waist, long legs, and no butt.

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