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10 Minimalist High Chairs For Design-Loving Parents 2019

10 Minimalist High Chairs For Design-Loving Parents 2019

12 Minimalist High Chairs For Design Loving Parents

*Click here for our 2020 update.

When we adopted our son, I swore I wouldn’t fill my house with colorful, plastic baby gear, and I meant it. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against plastic. Any parent who’s ever been hit in the face with an eco-friendly wooden taxi knows that plastic toys are where it’s at. I’ll take off-gassing any day in exchange for keeping all of my teeth. But when it comes to furniture, it’s important to me that Levon’s pieces blend seamlessly with the rest of our decor. His highchair was the first and most expensive piece we invested in, since it would live front and center in our dining area. We purchased the Stokke® Steps™ Chair and clip on bouncer, and I have NO REGRETS. In addition to meal time, Levon spent hundreds of hours sitting in his chair during his early-intervention therapies, not to mention all of the times I dragged it into the bathroom while I showered or brushed my teeth. He’s now four, and the chair still sits at our table, serving as the perfect toddler seat.

Below are my favorite high chairs for fellow design-loving parents.

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